Nadia Lovechanko


I do not see anyone who is intoxicated or inebriated in any way.


My general availability is Monday – Friday during the day from 9am – 4pm. I am able to occasionally accommodate dates in the evenings & weekends with amble notice. Please note I am strictly Ottawa based only & do not tour other cities.

Screening Policy

I offer 4 ways of screening for all new suitors, screening is mandatory to ensure my safety & peace of mind. There is no exception to this rule.

Government Issued ID (preferred screening method)

This can be Driver Licences, Passport, Health Card, etc. The card must be currently valid with your full name, birthday, photo & be unaltered in any way.

Independent Reference

1-2 Independent references that you have seen in the past 6 months. I require their website or social media handle. (2 references is preferred)

Company Website or LinkedIn

A link to your company website with your contact information listed or a link to your LinkedIn with a screenshot of you also signed in to set account.

Virtual Date

A virtual date is used to get acquainted & see if we are a good fit for each other. I do require your camera to be on & there is a 250$ fee associated with this screening method.

Photo of Nadia Lovechanko

Discretion & Privacy


Discretion is very important to me, I host from a private residence in a quiet neighbourhood so I do ask that you arrive discreetly & promptly for all dates.


Your privacy is very important to me, the information you provide me will not be shared with anyone. I take multiple steps to ensure all information is kept safely & protected. I ask that you keep my information & location private as well.



As much as I love hearing how you felt about our time together I do ask that you do not “review me” or share details with others. I like to keep our time together private as it is a connection we have formed. Thank you for understanding.


Due to Covid-19 & simply just life I understand people have to cancel, I am allowed to re-evaluate case by case giving the circumstances & notice.

  • 4 Hours – I require 75% Cancellation Fee
  • 24 Hours – I require 50% Cancellation Fee
  • 48 Hours – I require 25% Cancellation Fee

The cancellation fee must be paid that day to be able to book any future dates, with any future dates requiring a 25% deposit.


  • I require a 25% deposit to hold any & all dates, at my discretion I may waive this.
  • Deposits are not refundable or transferable unless the odd chance I cancel on my end which you will be refunded within 24 hours.

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Payments & Gifts


  • My donations are non-negotiable, they are to be paid in full in Canadian dollars in cash
  • Deposits & Virtual Experiences can be paid via E-Gift Cards or E-Transfers (through a separate discreet email address)


Gifts are never expected but always appreciated! I have a running wish list or you can look over at my wishlist page for more ways to spoil me!

Overnights & Travel

I am not currently taking any overnights, extended dates or travel requests at this time.

When Will You “Tour”?

As a full time single parent I have no plans to “tour” anytime soon.

Can I see You With Someone?

As someone who is Bisexual I love seeing couples or even duos! I do not see more than one male at a time though. If you are intersted in a duo please let me know who you would like to join us (with her social media handles) to make sure we are a good fit & will have the hot steamy chemistry you desire.

What Do You Provide?

I do not provide a check list of “services”, rather I provide my time & a truly genuine organic experience.

If you are looking at what you can experience during our time together I can tell you that I am a someone who is sensual & offers that loving touch. I enjoy connecting with my suitors on a deeper level, as I only see those I truly enjoy being with. With me you will find someone who is truly interested in getting to know you, building a connection that is beyond passion & creating beautiful lasting memories together.

I love being able to start off dates sharing a bottle of sparkling water or coffee, longer dates are treated to a charcuterie board or sharing a meal together with us indulging in great conversation. I like having time at the start of our date to break the ice & allow someone to become more comfortable, or simply catch up since our last rendezvous together. I strive to build lasting connections that leaving both of us excited for the next time together.