Nadia Lovechanko

About Me

I was first attracted to the industry from a young age, watching my friend's older siblings be both independant & financially stable while living their dream lives.

From the moment I turned 18 I dove into this lifestyle to see what wonders this beautiful community had to offer.

I immediately fell in love with the idea of meeting people and building these amazing connections, priding myself on offering true and genuine experiences. I have grown as a person from everyone who has graced my life with their presence, which has put me on an ever-changing positive journey. It has helped me become the devoted mother and the caring and compassionate lover I am today.

I have accomplished so much in the past few years, from starting my bachelor’s degree to becoming a hairstylist and aesthetician. This industry has given me the opportunity to explore my sexuality, make me a generous lover and even start my own personal business. It has also helped me discover what I love, but more importantly how to share my pleasure with others!

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This is not “just a job” for me, this is something I have been passionate about and devoted to for almost 10 years. The most important thing to me is building a genuine connection. I love to enjoy my time getting to know people and building truly long-lasting connections.

When I am not entertaining, you can find me reading one of many biographies on an artist close to my heart, painting either a portrait or an animal, going to the gym, watching a cringe / binge-worthy TV show, taking in nature around me, or just simply being a mom.

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At A Glance

Age 27
Zodiac Sign Cancer (June 29)
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Sexuality Fully Bisexual. I love female clients & couples.
Height 5’7”
Body type Athletic/Spinner
Piercings Limited
Tattoos Limited
Preferences I see people of all races, genders & abilities

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